Monday, January 26, 2009

Rocky Mountain Wedding

I am extremely happy to announce a baby girl; first born to my dear friends, Anna & Nick! The photo in my first ever blog is of my close friend Anna at 16 years old. She has always wanted a baby girl, so this is a very lucky and happy day for her indeed! Since the couple live in Australia and I am in Canada, sadly I will not be able to photograph the new bambina :(
I will instead share Anna & Nick's wedding photos which I took. I was the maid of honour so it made for some careful maneuvering!
This was the first wedding I shot before I really understood the camera's full potential. I didn't have a digital camera at this time either so it was shot with film on my manual focus SLR. I am still very proud of these shots considering they are almost 3 years old now.
Congratulations on your baby girl my dear close friends, Anna & Nick!!!

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