Tuesday, February 3, 2009

South of Pop

This photograph is my all time favorite... so far. It encompasses a whimsical sentiment that definitely makes it a very personal piece. It was taken in the window of my favorite building in Winnipeg's China Town; a landmark building which has recently been "prettied up" since this photo was taken. The Pacific Ave building was visited by Dr Sun Yat-sen in the early 20th century where he carved a calligraphy sign that still hangs over the entrance to the building (I have a similar style image of a detail of this sign in my Photo School Pt 2 entry [last photo]). One of the empty shop windows used to have this pic-a-pop sign and a bunch of other random things tapped to the inside of the window.
I am very proud of the series of shots that I was fortunate enough to get prior to the building being "made-over" (which I will share later on). This particular scene is immortalized in my POP ART rendition of Winnipeg's very own pip-a-pop Institution.

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