Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Blog Made the London Observer!

I have a friend, Gordie Agar, who lives in London, England. My husband has known him for 20+ years. Gordie works for the Observer Newspaper which did a segment about Facebook this past week. The photo editor asked Gordie if she could "grab" his facebook page for a pic in the article. At the same time said photo editor "grabbed" his page, MY status just HAPPENED to be on display which included THIS very blog address!! See for yourself (it's in the bottom left corner, but I've blown it up to see better). OK so it's painfully small, but it's London for F$%K sakes!!
Like they say, no press is bad press and bad press is better than no press at all!


  1. I thought it was pretty cool in a funny kinda way!!


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  3. You are hilarious. I love the step by step blow ups...

  4. Wooooo Ailsa! You're famous! (And I'm vicariously famous for knowing you!)

  5. upps, youre famous, congrulation!