Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Public Enemy

It was an absolute honour to shoot Public Enemy's show in Winnipeg at the Garrick Centre [2010]. Chuck D and Flavor Flav performed the entire 'Fear of a Black Planet' album in support of their 20th anniversary tour. Below is a link to Guttersnipe News where you'll find a brilliant review of the show by Eugene Osudar and a complete photo album of my images to accompany.
contract on the world love jam
brothers gonna work it out
911 is a joke
incident at 66.6 fm
welcome to the terrordome
meet the G that killed me
show em watcha got
bring the noise
don’t believe the hype
cold lampin with Flavor
Terminator X to the edge
anti-nigger machine
burn hollywood burn
power to the people
DJ Dynamite Lord
who stole the soul
can’t do nuttin’ for you man
shut em down
can’t truss it
rebel without a pause
fight the power

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